It may be a few more weeks before Shippensburg, PA, homeowners start running their heating systems regularly, but now’s the time to get maintenance scheduled. Preventative maintenance before you start using your heat again for the fall ensures that your system will be reliable and efficient. If you’re not sure yet about whether you should schedule maintenance, read on to learn how it’ll help you get ahead of the game.

Lower Energy Bills

Dirty HVAC systems work extra hard to heat your home. During a preventative maintenance check, a technician checks many important parts of your system, like the airflow, electrical connections, controls, and more. These are aspects that affect how well your system can perform and how much it costs you to run it.

Cleaner Air in Your Home

The thorough inspection and cleaning done during your routine maintenance will remove dirt and debris from your system that could impact your health and air quality. Those trapped particles move through your ductwork with the air and into your home, creating more dust build-up on surfaces but also causing more symptoms for people with asthma or allergies. Annual maintenance will help find and remove these particulates.

Be More Comfortable

If your HVAC systems have any malfunctioning parts, reduced performance can keep your system from being able to reach your ideal indoor temperature. Your maintenance technician will catch these issues so you can stay comfortable indoors with optimal system performance.

Longer Life for Your System

Catching any issues with your system’s parts or controls early provides the opportunity to repair them before further damage occurs. Making sure your system is clean and lubricated also helps to extend the life of your system.

Annual preventative maintenance on your heating system will lower your bill, give you cleaner and more comfortable air, and extend the life of your system. Call Bream’s Heating and Cooling Solutions for your fall HVAC maintenance.

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