Snow, ice, and other cold conditions can impact your HVAC system’s efficiency. Homeowners in Chambersburg, PA, need to be aware of winter hazards. Here are a few suggestions that show how to protect your Chambersburg, PA, HVAC system from the snow.

Snow and Ice Buildup

The engineering of HVAC systems account for ice and snow buildup around the unit. Units detect moisture freezing and activate auto defrost settings. Buildup can still happen and strain the system, especially if buildup forms on top of the outdoor unit.

The Hazards Associated with Buildup

When ice and snow threaten to hinder HVAC operation, the system will do an auto shut-off. This won’t necessarily prevent buildup in the unit. That buildup obstructs airflow and can lead to short-circuiting or burning components.

The defrost may not work if the buildup is harsh. Components struggle to perform, and electricity usage goes up. Pipes can also burst.

Ice and Snow Maintenance

From installation through the life of the system, the only way to protect the unit is with dutiful maintenance. Here are a few procedures to follow.

  • This is part of a typical installation, but never have outdoor units installed on the ground. The rule of thumb is to put them 6 to 10 inches above any surfaces.
  • Build wind barriers around the unit. Use fences or shrubs. Distance barriers away from the unit to avoid obstructing airflow.
  • Outdoor installed units are best kept no less than 18 inches away from walls. This ensures good air passage and minimizes exposure to drifting.
  • Chambersburg, PA, homeowners need to shovel before there is buildup. Make sure gutters aren’t dripping on units. Apply warm water to melt ice as ice picks and shovels can create unintentional damage.

We hope you take these HVAC tips to heart and find them helpful. If you need maintenance or need any questions answered about winterizing your Chambersburg, PA, HVAC unit, contact Bream’s Heating and Cooling Solutions today.

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