If the HVAC system in your Carlisle, PA, home isn’t running efficiently, you could be paying a lot more than you need to on your energy bill each month. To learn about four of the most common signs that your AC is costing you more money than it should, take a look at the list below.

1. Your Thermostat Isn’t Accurate

If something is wrong with your thermostat’s sensor, then your thermostat will constantly send inaccurate information to your air conditioner. If the reading that the thermostat sends is too high, then your air conditioner ends up thinking it’s supposed to be on all day. This confusing situation leads to higher AC bills and a home that’s much too cold.

2. Poor Indoor Air Quality

Low indoor air quality in your home could be a sign of dirty air filters. If you aren’t vigilant about changing your filters every two or three months, then your AC has to consume more power throughout the day as it struggles to compensate.

3. Inadequate Cooling

If your AC bill is going up while your home’s temperature isn’t coming down, then there’s a problem somewhere inside your AC. A good HVAC professional will be able to find the problem quickly, so don’t hesitate to have a technician out to see what the issue is.

4. Soaring Electricity Bills

If your monthly electric bill has started climbing, check to see if your power company has recently raised its rates. If the rates are the same, then it’s probably your AC that’s responsible for the increase. Once you resolve the underlying HVAC issues, your bill should come back down.

Are you concerned that your AC could be to blame for a recent increase in your energy bills? One of our friendly technicians can come out, diagnose the issue, and get your energy costs back to normal as fast as possible. Contact us at Bream’s Heating and Cooling Solutions to book your AC repair appointment today.

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