Looking to improve the efficiency of your existing heating and AC equipment in Carlisle, PA? One simple tool could help you do so 10% or more. If you have a well-maintained furnace or air conditioner, a new HVAC thermostat could save you $150 per year on heating and cooling.

HVAC Thermostats for Standard Equipment

Programmable thermostats have been popular for nearly 30 years. The good news is that this technology has improved tremendously. User-friendly schedules help you select the most efficient settings for your household. Customers in Carlisle and Waynesboro can even use geofencing tools and integrated smartphone apps to adjust the temperature with a voice command or location data.

Efficient Thermostats for Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are an excellent option for our climate, but when temperatures drop below freezing, a heat-recovery thermostat can help your heat pump perform at its best. When you return home, this device warms your house without the need for the high-energy auxiliary heat strip, which is a major advantage in Carlisle’s varied climate.

Controls for Variable-Speed Heating and AC Equipment

Smart thermostats use algorithms, climate data and your preferred settings to extract every last drop of performance from your HVAC system. If you’re interested in a high-efficiency two-stage or multi-stage heating or cooling system, a Wi-Fi thermostat can help you gain maximum control over your comfort and energy bills.

In addition to increasing the performance of your variable-speed heat pump, connected thermostats can control home automation devices and integrate seamlessly with voice-activation technology like Alexa. To learn more, you’re welcome to call Bream’s Heating and Cooling Solutions to request a free estimate. You can also view our selection of smart thermostats online to see which option might work for you.

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