Contaminated ductwork can wreak havoc with your health and your HVAC system. If you’re concerned about dust, mold, or household allergens, HVAC professionals in Shippensburg, PA can recommend a duct cleaning and other solutions designed for lasting relief.

Are Duct Cleanings Recommended?

Cleaning your HVAC ductwork isn’t like dusting your house or vacuuming the carpets. It’s an intensive procedure that’s generally completed every three to five years or as needed. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recommends duct cleanings in the following scenarios.

  • Dust or particulates
  • Vermin and contaminants
  • Water damage or organic growth
  • Recent ownership changes

When assessing your air quality, it’s important to note how you feel. If you’re comfortable at work but the congestion returns at home, a duct cleaning can help. Residents may also sneeze when the furnace or air conditioner runs. In these cases, duct cleanings can remove residual particles and allergens that are deeply embedded in your HVAC equipment. We can also suggest UV lamps and whole-house air cleaners that can eliminate problems at the source.

What to Expect During a Duct Cleaning

Before a duct cleaning, technicians will inspect the supply and return ducts to determine the best cleaning method. Usually, we use soft-bristled brushes and air-activated scrubbing heads to loosen ingrained dirt and dust while high-pressure vacuums collect residual debris and maintain optimal air quality. We complete this process on all supply and return lines.

If your air quality issues are related to high humidity, microbial growth, or stale odors, we can clean your air conditioner’s evaporator coils and internal components to remove residual odors and debris. We can also recommend a UV air-sanitizing lamp or whole-house filtration system.

Taking Control of Your Indoor Air Quality

Air quality is one of the top health concerns today. Although South Central Pennsylvania is filled with beautiful natural areas, most of us spend much of our time inside where pollution levels are higher than normal. If you’re interested in scheduling a duct cleaning or learning more about our services, check out Bream’s Heating and Cooling Solutions’ services page, or call our office.

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