A hot summer in Carlisle, PA can put a real strain on your air conditioning system. The equipment that cools your home can fail for a number of reasons if it is not regularly maintained.  Learn about five common AC issues and how to check for them before you contact a technician.

Thermostat Settings

While it seems obvious, first check that your thermostat is properly set. The AC’s cooling mode should be turned on and adjusted to the proper temperature.

Clogged Air Filter

As air circulates throughout your AC system, the air handler’s filter will draw out dust, allergens and other particles. If your air conditioning is running but failing to cool your home, examine the air filter for signs of buildup, especially if you live with pets. Consult your manufacturer or technician for advice on when and how often to change your filter.

Blocked Drainage

Humidity plays a large role in the perceived temperature of your home. If the system’s condensate drain is blocked, it will not be able to remove moisture from the air. Water typically drains outdoors via a PVC pipe located near the compressor.

Dirty Air Registers

While the air filter does a good job of removing most large particles from the air, circulation can still lead to the accumulation of dust and debris in the air registers if they are not cleaned and maintained. Check for good airflow from the vents.

Electrical Failure

If your air conditioning system will not power on, make sure it is turned on at the circuit breaker. More serious electrical issues could include a faulty thermostat sensor, component failure, or corrosion.

While diagnosing an issue can be easy, leave repair work to our professionals at Bream’s Heating and Cooling Solutions in Shippensburg, PA. Schedule an appointment with our trained technicians to identify any larger underlying problems and perform required maintenance and repairs.

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