Fireplaces are one of the more traditional heating methods, but sometimes, they don’t work as they should. You may experience a fireplace pushing cold air into your Chambersburg, PA, home when you’re trying to warm it up. Here are a few possible reasons why your fireplace isn’t putting out heat.

You Don’t Have a Fireplace Insert

In our experience, this is a common reason for non-performing fireplaces. An insert, which provides a high degree of insulation, is factory-made, and installation is part of our fireplace services. In many cases, the fireplace’s venting system is the reason for the loss of warmth, and a fireplace insert is heavily insulated to reduce the amount of heat loss vastly – these can even be 85% more efficient.

You’re Using the Wrong Kinds of Wood

Not all wood does the job and burning non-seasoned or green firewood will make your fireplace less efficient even if you have an insert. This is because green firewood tends to lock in moisture, which directly hinders the burning process. Seasoned firewood has had an entire year to dry out, which means that it’ll burn better.

You Don’t Have a Damper Installed

This is a metal door installed within the chimney body near the firebox that helps you control the airflow. When your fireplace isn’t performing, in most cases this is due to the airflow pushing warm air out of your home. A damper allows you to control this as it flows in and out of the chimney – you just have to open it when starting a fire and slightly close it to prevent too much heat from escaping.

We’re dedicated to helping our customers keep their homes warm. Contact Bream’s Heating and Cooling Solutions for fireplace services and installation, and we can ensure that underperforming fireplaces deliver the heat and ambiance you desire. There are a variety of reasons why a fireplace might be underperforming, which is why hiring a professional to evaluate its performance can help.

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