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Air Conditioners

Don't sweat it! Bream's has just the air conditioner for you! Providing units that efficiently transfer heat from inside your home to the outside to keep your family cool and comfortable is our mission!

"SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) Standards are like the miles per gallon in a car. Most American Standard air conditioning units satisfy or exceed the minimum government SEER standards. This means more comfort for your family and greater energy savings for you."

Air Handlers

An Air Handler handles and moves the air throughout your home. They work together with your Air Conditioner as well as your Heat Pump.

"American Standard provides homeowners with the ability to cool and heat every corner of the home with cleaner, more comfortable air. Each HVAC Air Handler Unit (AHU) can be paired with a heat pump or air conditioner in order to efficiently circulate warm or cool air throughout your house."

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