HVAC System Maintenance 

Don’t ignore the health of your HVAC system. Bream’s is ready to service all your heating and cooling maintenance needs! Our NATE-certified technicians are trained to clean, service, and maintain your HVAC system to keep it running at optimal performance. 

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Proper HVAC Maintenance

Ignoring the health of your HVAC unit and skipping cleanings and maintenance puts added pressure on your system and increases the chances of something breaking during extreme temperatures. The last thing you want is a clogged hose or broken fan during the peak of summer. In most cases, these repairs could have been prevented during a spring maintenance check up. Keep up with your annual maintenance checks to extend the life of your system and help ensure optimal performance.

At Bream’s Heating and Cooling Solutions, we follow HVAC industry best practices and encourage customers to get their HVAC system cleaned and services twice a year. We’ve found that servicing your AC system in the spring before it gets too hot, and servicing your furnace or heat pump in the fall before it gets too cold are the best times for cleaning and service. These times of year also work best because HVAC technicians are less busy in milder weather.

If you are ready to schedule your HVAC clean and service appointment, call the expert HVAC technicians at Bream’s at 717-477-8160 and we will get you scheduled. 

What Does HVAC Maintenance Include?

The professional service contractors at Bream’s Heating and Cooling Solutions have a detailed method for checking and cleaning HVAC units. We go through a checklist of items and parts to make sure your units are in top shape. Our NATE-certified technicians start by running your system to make sure it works efficiently and pushes clean air throughout your home. Then, we work into the more technical elements of HVAC care to check your hoses, wiring, and numerous other components.

Our service technicians will also check your thermostat and units to make sure they are functioning properly. The goal is to catch and prevent problems early on before they turn into major repairs.

Call Today to Schedule Your Maintenance Services

If you can’t remember the last time your HVAC system was inspected or cleaned, call Bream’s at 717-477-8160 and we will get you scheduled. We’re dedicated to building strong relationships with all our clients by treating them like family.


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